Scott Serfas | Snowboard Photographer


Scott-SerfasHailing from Vancouver, Canada, Scott began shooting friends skateboarding as a hobby, before moving up to Whistler when (as he puts it) he was “abducted from high school by a church organization and forced to ski moguls and perform daffy’s under 7th Heaven”. His first picture in Transworld Snowboarding was published as early as 1995, and having made a name for himself shooting fellow canucks like Kevin Sansalone and Devun Walsh, he became a senior photographer at the magazine. These days Scott is the kind of seasoned pro who gets asked to go to Alaska to take shots of Travis Rice filming his new movie. With more than 50 covers to his name, and a stake in Vancouver-based Endeavor Snowboards, it’s safe to say Scott Serfas is a giant of the snowboard scene.

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