Pasi Salminen | Snowboard Photographer

Pasi-SalminenLike many of snowboarding’s flash experts, Pasi Salminen gained his light skills shooting skateboarding. Having spent his teenage years lying on kerbs in his home town of Ulvila, Finland, he spent a dull three years in the capital as an IT specialist – “you know, coding programs and being a real nerd.” Every cloud has a silver lining however, and with the money from his ‘real’ job Pasi was able to fund some serious camera equipment. In Helsinki, he was perfectly placed to begin documenting the exploding jibbing scene, including riders like Heikki Sorsa, Eero Ettala and Lauri Heiskari. Today he continues to mix snowboard shoots with more mainstream (read: well paid!) photography work, and the dark Finnish winters give him plenty of opportunity to indulge his interest in artificial lighting, often taking to the frozen streets with between six and eight flashes. As he puts it: “I take my job seriously.”

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