Julien ‘Perly’ Petry | Snowboard Photographer

Julien-Perly-PetryJulien Petry was, in his own words, “almost a pro snowboarder” during the early 2000’s, when he rode with the Alps-based Advita crew in between studying for a marketing degree. Together with his homies he produced a handful of snowboard movies, all for the pure love of it – “DIY motivation” as he puts it. In 2006 a bad stack saw Julien hurt his knee, break his nose and dislocate his shoulder, putting him out of action for most of that winter. Instead he followed the crew, helping to build the kickers and doing a bit of filming. One day, a chance find in British Columbia changed his whole career. “I was on my way back from another kicker session,” he explains, “when I found a bag in the bus with some Porsche keys and a really nice camera inside. I only returned the keys…” That was how it all began for this light-fingered Frenchman, and today he is known as one of the sharpest shooters this side of the Atlantic. Perly’s work features plenty of his European friends, the occasional gallic dash of grain and an eye for a creative urban set-up.


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