Jeff Curtes | Snowboard Photographer

Jeff-CurtesAlong with fellow Burton photographer Dean ‘Blotto’ Gray, Jeff Curtes has been documenting the lives and lines of the most famous snowboard team on the planet for nearly two decades. Born in 1969, he first got behind the camera while travelling with his brother Joe Curtes – who was himself a sponsored snowboarder. In 1992 Jeff had his first images published and by 1994 he had signed with Burton as their staff lensman; since then, he has travelled the globe in search of perfect conditions, delivering thousands of epic images for Burton’s annual catalogues and scoring regular coverage in every magazine of note. With some of the most progressive snowboarders of all time at your disposal – including Terje, Shaun White and Nicolas Müller – you might argue it would be hard to take a bad shot, but Jeff is not just about gnarly action; it’s his ability to boil the drama of a session down into one pure moment that has characterised his career and helped make legends of his subjects. Curtes’ beautiful lifestyle images have also helped define the sport of snowboarding, as seen in his two coffee-table books BLOWER: Snowboarding Inside Out and 28 Day Winter. These days he splits his time between bases in Portland, Oregon, and Sydney, Australia – where he lives with his Australian wife Jess Mooney, a talented photographer in her own right.

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