Ahriel Povich | Snowboard Photographer



Ahriel Povich was born in the USA, but learned to ride in the mountainous landscape of Switzerland and predictably fell in love with snowboarding. Like many of his fellow lensmen, “I quickly realised I’d never go pro,” he says, “so I started filming my friends.” Having made a few shred movies, Ahriel switched to stills photography in 2005, and in 2006 he helped launch a small Swiss publishing house called Whiteout, which still produces a well-respected – and free – snowboarding magazine for the local market. Today, he tries to ditch the photographer’s notoriously heavy backpack and ride free as often as he can, while his shooting time is split between documenting the big film productions (Absinthe etc.) and working on experimental concept photos like this incredible star trails jibbing set-up. These images, he says, “involve a lot of planning and a little luck,” but when it all comes together they are totally worth the effort.


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