About RadShot


Photo by Dan Medhurst

Sifting through cybersands, unearthing pearls…

Welcome to my photo blog. I’m Ed Blomfield, editor of Whitelines Snowboard Magazine (UK). When I first started at Whitelines in 2005, most photographers were still working in analogue. Early in the summer, I’d receive a small package from each contributor containing perhaps 30 or 40 slides, from which I’d have to select my favourites for the mag. In the subsequent years digital photography has exploded, and these days I find myself looking through more than 30,000 images a year.

While the digital age has obvious advantages, at times this avalanche of submissions is overwhelming. There’s only so many pictures I can find room for in a 164 page magazine! The internet is limitless, of course, but there’s a lot of mediocre stuff out there, and I’ve found that even great photography often gets lost in the noise of the usual websites – too many videos, too much chatter.

I started this blog as a quiet space to showcase some of my favourite images from the best snowboard photographers in the world and to enable fans to get hold of high quality prints and canvases for their walls. I hope you like it.